Studies have shown that birds, especially sage grouse, other native grouse and game birds are killed or injured when they hit fences while flying to and from feeding, watering and lekking areas at dusk and dawn. These studies have also shown that fence collisions can be greatly reduced by attaching fence markers to problem fences in areas used by these birds.
Flysafe markers have been constructed specifically for this purpose.

Flysafe Markers Characteristics:

Some other markers have failed in extreme conditions.

Recommended and stocked in bright yellow with a one inch foil strip to increase visibility. Other colors available by request and 10 to 12 hour glow in the dark by custom order. Quickly and easily attached by repeating hog ring applicator. Flysafe markers have been designed to be more visible and durable, thus more cost effective.


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Flysafe marker photos:

Columbian sharp-tailed grouse fence strike:

Other markers:

Marker installation: